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5 exercises + 1 to get back in shape after the summer

Returning after the summer is hard for everyone. Read our tips and get back in shape with all the taste and good mood you find in WaNa products. 

September: time to go back to the office, back to school, chores to do. The alarm clocks burst into your most secret dreams and take you back to a reality made of routine, commitments and tiredness. You want to get in shape, but you don’t know where to start? Here are some simple exercises you can do every morning to start the day with a smile and a hint of WaNa that makes you feel good.

1st Rollover from bed 

The alarm’s gone off and you don’t want to get up? Don’t worry, with a nice rollover you can get out of bed effortlessly and without having to get upright. First, stretch a little. Keep your back in contact with the mattress, raise your arms up to the ceiling, keep them nice and tight and push them over your head. A yawn will help to fill your lungs, stretch your ribcage and awaken your stomach. Bring your arms outstretched along your legs and turn to your side to look at the centre of the bed. Are you ready? Oplà! With a good amount of momentum, roll on your back until you are supine on the floor. Well done! You’ve completed the first exercise!

2nd Push-ups, one 

Now that you’re on your back on the floor, it’s time to get your arms up. Place your hands on the floor at shoulder height and keep your elbows bent but firm. Now bring one knee closer to your pelvis and put your foot on the floor. Repeat with the other knee. Hang your hands on the edge of the bed, stretch your legs and slowly raise your back. Great, the second exercise is also completed and you can say you have done push-ups, or almost.

3rd Elongations 

Stretching is essential for the health of our bone structure and a few exercises every morning is a panacea to get through the whole day without joint pain. After reaching the upright position, therefore, go to the bathroom, sit on the toilet and stretch your arms towards the toilet roll – as we know it is resting on the sink and not in the toilet roll holder. Between stretches, you are free to provide for your physiological needs, indeed. If you do the big one, it’s even better, because you’ll need to stretch over and over again and your spine will be grateful.

4th Lifts 

Weight lifting helps to strengthen the entire back muscles, better support the spine and maintain a correct posture throughout the day. Before you get dressed to run around the office, then, sit down at the table and do some exercises. The first few times we recommend that you start with light weights, like a small cup of coffee. When you feel more exercised, you can switch to a cup of tea and if you really want to leave all your friends speechless, lift a cup of milk with cereal and spoon, but always remember to alternate right arm and left arm so that you don’t have one limb more powerful than the other.

5th Squat 

After so much effort, your body needs to replenish its proteins. How? With a WaNa product, rich in taste, sugar and gluten free. But before you bite into one of our snacks, make one last effort. Stand in front of the WaNa storage locker, keep your feet parallel and your back nice and straight, bend your knees without leaning forward with your torso and stretch your arms towards the pantry. Were you able to grab your WaNa? Didn’t you? Then repeat the exercise three times and if you still haven’t found your favourite WaNa, read our extra tip.

Running to the supermarket 

If by the third squat you still couldn’t grab a WaNa from the pantry, they’re probably finished. Stop for a second to catch your breath and run to the door – it doesn’t matter if you’re still in your pajamas – the courier will be waiting for you with a new pack of WaNa to taste.

If you get to the door, there’s no one there, don’t despair. You can order your new WaNa on our online shop or run to the nearest store to stock up and awaken all your muscles in one exercise!



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